• cleaning, disinfection
    • Shampooing, extracting carpet
    • Interior detailing dashboard, grill, consoles, door jumps.
    • Fabric seats cleaning, deep steaming and fabric protection with the latest technology.
    • Head liner cleaning and steaming to remove unwanted odors and dust free interior environment.
    • Leather interior cleaning and conditioning with the best available products, extends the life of your leather interior.
    • Hair removal and enzyme antibacterial treatment for a healthy interior environment.
    • Odor removal A/C and heating treatment.
    • We do tractor full interior.
    • Motor home full interior.
    • Interior restoration and glass chip repair available upon request.
    • breathe freely and enjoy clean air.

Bacteria,fungi,mould cultures and microorganizms can accumulate over time on the evaporator as well as On aerating parts in your air-conditioning unit,which are sucked in via air ducts from the air-conditioning system. Our service offer complete flushing through and disinfection all air ducts,air vents and all aerating parts of your Air-conditioning unit.