• protect your car.

    Protect your car from rust, pollution, and dust. Sunlight and enviromental fallout may affect your vehicle negatively. Make it resistant to water, salt, and the harsh roads.

    protect your car.
  • keep your car looking new.

    Our professional detailing service will allow your car’s interior and exterior to look as if it were new. Make them think you just drove it off the showroom.

    keep your car looking new.
  • we take your car seriously.

    At Love Shine we understand the importance of maintaining the appearance to enhance the value of your car, We provide excellent services and top quality products to protect your health, your safety and your environment, to maintain that showroom shine.

    we take your car seriously.
We mean service, we mean quality, we mean dedication in every job.

At love shine we are professional detailers, offering the following:

    • top quality washes that includes the best possible soap and wax used on your car.
    • real professional wash to protect your car from oxidation,direct sunlight,and environmental fallout.
    • to make your car more resistant to water ,salt and rust.
    • interior detailing: clean protect and disinfect the whole interior with the top quality products against the dust,pollution ,and stubborn salt buildup on carpets, for a clean and healthy interior environment.

Exterior service:

    • We use the best possible polishes,waxes,protectants on your vehicle to get back the original shine and glory.
    • removal of oxidation build up.
    • removal of mild to medium scratches.
    • water sanding.
    • paint protection.
    • rust proofing.

At love shine there is no small or big job ,we do our job to your satisfaction guaranteed,to maintain and enhance the value of your vehicle.

"We think that LoveShine is great.Their service is great, so is their customer service. "

"My truck looks like it's brand new! Thank you again, Love Shine! Will recommend."

"If you're looking to make your car look as if it just rolled off the showroom, visit Love Shine. I will come again."